Ever wondered how these scenic parks and outdoor spaces are made or designed???

Why is the flower placed in such a manner???

Why is the pond in that particular place??

Well, it is a no-brainer that designing them is a form of art and a lot has to be taken care of while designing them. And that is where landscape designers come in. They are professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to design outdoor spaces.ne port under armour all american reebok club c 85 w cn3271 reebok cd7267 reebok classic leather blue el ejército de las sombras adidas cloudfoam advantage clean w le panier du portugal poissy fabrication ramasse herbe tracté reebok classic leather sole nike zoom stefan janoski black relyon matelas so beautiful contre porte exterieur stanley fatmax laser 360 le panier du portugal poissy

What Is Landscape Designing?

Landscape designing is the art and study of designing an outdoor space that is aesthetically pleasing and functional as well. It involves arranging landforms, water, horizontal structures, vertical structures, vegetation, and climate in a manner that is good for the eyes, humans, and species living in that space.

So, it is one hell of a responsibility to take care of all the aspects as well as design an aesthetically pleasing space. And that is why there are a number of institutes offering landscape design courses to equip people with the art of designing outdoor spaces.

What You Will Learn In It?

A common perception is landscape designing is all about aesthetics and anyone with an eye for aesthetics can design a landscape. However, that is not true. You need to learn a range of different skills to be a professional landscape designer. Some of those skills are:

Technical Skills

As mentioned, to be a professional landscape designer you are required to learn a few technical skills. It is critical as landscapes are not just about placing plants and scenic structures at appropriate locations to bring out something that is pleasing to the eyes. You will be taught some technical skills like reading topographical maps, understanding drainage systems and issues, fundamentals of constructions, fundamentals of materials, site grading, knowledge of plants and ecosystems, and much more.

These skills are critical because you will know which material you should use for the construction, you will have to keep in mind the drainage system while designing to avoid flooding, and other construction-related work as well.

Design Fundamentals

Similarly, you will also learn some designing fundamentals to design a landscape that is functional and eye-pleasing and drawing skills to show construction workers and engineers what you are looking for. For that, you will learn some drawing and 3D drawing skills, landscape design history, aesthetic qualities of plants, and cultural aspects of landscape design.

Business Skills

Let’s not forget about business skills. Whatever profession you choose, learning business skills is compulsory as it teaches you how to communicate and express your mind to the clients. Analyzing clients’ requirements and cost estimation are also some essential business skills that are taught in landscape designing courses.

Why You Should Learn Landscape Designing?

A Great Career Prospect

Landscape designing is one of the merging career paths. With the increase in global warming, the world is focussing on bringing as many green spaces as possible to city life. From designing big parks and green spaces to designing gardens and over the rood green spaces, landscape designers are capable to do it all.

Creative Career Path

If you have great creative skills and want to utilize them and seek a career that can fulfill your creative desires, landscape designing is a great career prospect for you. With proper education and training, you can be a bespoke landscape designer designing scenic parks, gardens, and outdoor spaces for private and public use.


Sustainability is one of the primary reasons why businesses and authorities hire landscape designers to design outdoor spaces. As a landscape designer, it is your responsibility to design an outdoor space that is environment-friendly yet eye-pleasing.

Wildlife Conservation

If you are passionate about animals and want to preserve their habitats, a landscape designing course can help you with that. With proper education and training, you will be able to design and construct landscapes that are great for wildlife conservation.

How We Can Help You?

Blue Pillar Academy is a reputed and recognized institute in Malaysia. Whether you are looking for landscape designing or 3d interior designing courses, Blue Pillar Academy is the place to be. We have more than 12 years experience of in providing quality and career-enhancing short courses to professionals and entrepreneurs.

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